Campus security a concern over Spring Break

Police will be extra vigilant around college campuses when students leave for break.
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This almost spring-like weather has officers out after attacks on walkers and joggers near a downtown college campus. There are concerns about some other crimes both on and off campus.

The skyline glittered in the light of the setting sun Friday. Downtowners were out on the streets and soaking it in. Looking around, Kirsten Dickinson said, "I definitely see all the lights downtown and people having a good time."

The warmer season can also be a season of opportunity for criminals.

"We didn't consider safety as an issue," Jill Krampe admitted as she and her friend Audrey Wessel walked along the White River, where two joggers were recently attacked and robbed.

With the warmer weather, state police say they are increasing patrols, however, ISP Capt. Dave Bursten warned, "We also encourage people using that area of White River Canal Walk to be conscious of their own safety."

Unconsciously, perhaps Jill and Audrey did just that. They weren't walking alone. They had a cell phone, kept an eye out for suspicious people, and planned to finish their walk by dark.

It's Spring Break - college campuses are clearing out and police have a simple warning for students deserting their near campus homes.

"Don't make yourself an easy target," said Butler University Assistant Police Chief Bill Weber.

A target for thieves looking for an easy break in that won't be discovered for days.

Tim Olinger was filling his SUV with the luggage of two children he has attending Butler.

"It really concerns me when they leave, so we gave them the educational lecture," he said.

That lecture includes leaving lights on, doors locked, paper and mail stopped, and flat screen TVs moved out of sight.

"Any valuables that you can take home, bring home," Weber advised, "Particularly things like a laptop."

Common sense, simple stuff, Olinger agreed, with one big "but.

"I was a college student once and it probably wasn't a priority of mine," he said.

During breaks, Butler, like other universities, increase patrols in the neighborhoods where students live. Students can sign up to have Butler Police officers check their house while they are gone. If students forget, they can sign up online from home or even the beach.

Before your child heads off to Spring Break, ask if their university police have a similar program.