Campaigns get ready for home stretch


With just three weeks to go until election day, campaign teams on both sides of the aisle are turning up the heat.

"We are kicking it into high gear. We have a belief that you never get complacent. You never kick up your heels and think it's over" said Indiana Republican Party Communications Director Pete Seat.

It's the same story for the Democrats.

"Go go go for the next 23 days" said Daniel Altman with the John Gregg for governor campaign/

On Sunday, volunteers for the Indiana democratic party spent the day making calls.

Altman said says every minute from now until election day counts.

"Every single vote counts and we planning on getting every single supporter out to the polls between now and November 6th" said Altman.

The republican party call centers were closed Sunday and no one with the Pence campaign was available but starting Monday Seat says volunteers will pull out all of the stops.

"We've made over 1 million volunteer phone calls already were encouraging folks to vote by absentee ballot if they have requested them and to early vote as well" said Seat.

In Marion County, early voting is available this week from 8-5 Monday through Friday at the city county building. Weekend hours start the week of October 22nd.

The second gubernatorial debate is coming up on Wednesday at 7pm. The first US Senate debate will be held Monday night at 7pm.

Voters can expect to see more political ads, receive more phone calls and door knocks all the way to Election day, November 6th.