California waiter fired after asking for "proof of residency"


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (NBC NEWS) - A waiter at a southern California restaurant was fired after patrons say they were asked to show "proof of residency" before being served.

It happened earlier this month at Saint Marc restaurant in Huntington Beach.

According to at least one patron, they were asked to show proof of residency when they went to the restaurant for drinks.

When they asked the waiter to explain what he meant, the waiter replied that he needed to make sure they were legally allowed to be there, the group complained to the manager who called the waiter "one of their best" and was offered to be seated in another section.

They declined and left.

The restaurant has since fired the employee calling his action inappropriate.

"At this point its more about bringing light to the issue. I feel like this is a direction we are moving towards where anytime you go to a restaurant they are going to be asking you for proof of residency by just your appearance or if you speak spanish or anybody else if they are speaking a different language, they're gonna feel comfortable asking us for a proof of residency and that is not ok," said restaurant patron Diana Carrillo.

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