Butler's mascot is back in the Dawg Pound

Blue The Second
Indianapolis - He really needed no introduction, but that's just what Butler's new costumed mascot got Wednesday night. Hundreds of fans welcomed a new bulldog back to the "Dawg Pound" for the men's basketball game against Ball State.

"The football games weren't the same without it," said Butler student Elizabeth Curely.

"We got a new and improved mascot. A new and improved basketball team," added student Jake Lemon

And it will have a new name too. Students will choose one for the costume mascot by voting in a contest. But some students think bulldog is enough.

"I don't know if I want a name. I think we need to stick with just regular ole just the bulldogs," said student Brad Mallers.

"I think they're good with the old one. I can't think of a new one," added Allap Modi.

No-one could be happier Butler has a new costume for its two legged mascot then its four legged one. Blue the second and his owner.

"We used to call the costume, bull dog just bull dog. It never really had a name," said Mike Kaltenmark said the owner of Blue the Second, Butler's real live bulldog mascot.

"When this confusion come about the location of our costume mascot, when it became stolen. They were referring to the costume version as Blue. And I got a lot of phone calls that night wondering if my dog was ok. We had to assure everyone the real dog was safe and sound. It was the costume that were gone so," added Kaltenmark.

The costumed mascot's new name will be announced January 22nd at the men's basketball game against Green Bay.

The original costumes were taken from Hinkle field house in August.  Parts of the costumes have been recovered but were so damaged that they are no longer usable. The ordered the two new costumes for $14,000.