Butler students robbed near campus


Four Butler University students were walking near Clarendon and 43rd early Saturday morning - just south of the Butler campus - when they say they were robbed by a group of men.

Three or four men were in the white or light-colored car that pulled over near the students as they were walking. Two got out of car and walked toward the students. They pulled a gun and demanded cash.

"They just put bandanas on their face and rode up and asked them for all of their money," said a friend of one of the victims. "They didn't have anything on them at all. But Butler ID's. No cash. No nothing."

The friend said, "Luckily there were two guys with her. and they were good about just defusing the situation. The two girls ran away. One of the guys just immediately said 'I'm calling B.U.P.D. Right this second,' and just whipped out his phone. And they just took off."

"I'm sorry to hear about that," said Shannon, who lives in the off-campus neighborhood and feels safe.

"I actually was not around that night. I was elsewhere with friends on campus," said Luke Waggenspack, a student who also lives in the neighborhood. "I actually saw the email when I was with friends elsewhere and I was like, 'I guess I'll wait an hour or so more before I actually go home.'"

He's talking about the warning message Butler Police sent out immediately over it's TIMELY WARNING system, alerting the campus and off-campus communities to what was happening.

There have been other armed robberies around the Butler campus. One last November, when police locked down campus after gunmen robbed the CVS at 56th Street, and one fled through campus. 

Another was reported last month, on 42nd Street, when two students were robbed at gunpoint by a masked man who jumped out of a car.

IUPUI has seen holdups too. Last November, a student was robbed at gunpoint then assaulted.

"Butler has a text alert system, so we all get on our phones to make sure we don't go into that area," said Katie, a student who also lives off campus.

Butler Police preach prevention.  Call for DAWG RIDE, the campus service. Don't walk alone. If a car passes you more than once, call police and change direction. And hand over what they want.

"We keep our doors locked at all time," said another Butler student. "We know where everyone is in our house. Cars are locked. We walk to class together and back. There's safety in numbers."

Shannon always keeps her phone with her. "I don't walk a lot by myself. And I probably wouldn't be out at one in the morning," she said.

Call Butler or Indianapolis Police if you have information on the men.  They were last seen in a white or light-colored car.