Butler students arrested at party despite police warning

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Dozens of Butler University students were arrested at a weekend party after warnings that police would be out in force.

It wasn't a secret. Butler University Police and the state's excise police were out in force on campus. They announced it on Twitter before police arrested 33 students on 50 different charges, many of them related to underage drinking and marijuana.

"I actually saw them arrest a guy, just right over there, the excise did," said Stephen Rooney, a student at Butler University.

The party where police busted students lasted two days on a grassy area of campus. You could still see the evidence littered everywhere Monday - beer cans, red cups.

It's a yearly tradition called "Mid Summer," marking the time between summer classes.

"Just all the Butler students were back. It was a fun time," said student Allison Hess.

"Some people do let loose, a lot more than others, as you can tell from all the arrests and tickets given out," explained Ryan Harrold, a student.

Police said they found one underage young woman passed out in bushes with a blood alcohol level of .18, more than twice the legal limit.

"I'd say outside of the person passed out in the bushes, everyone was just being pretty calm, just trying to have a good time," said Smith.

That good time, said some students, does involve drinking, even if you're underage.

"I would say it's a pretty big part of college," said Rooney.

A part of college, students said, excise police are not going to stop.

"I think kind of the mood is, even if you do get a ticket, you're still going to still drink. I mean, it doesn't really change anything," added Harrold.

Even a day in court, a fine and community service isn't always a deterrent.

"If they give out more tickets or arrest more people, I still think that people are going to party," said Harrold.

Some are still even going to protest, like one tweet that said, "Cops ruining Mid Summer."