Busy insurance companies start drive-though claim centers

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Hundreds of Hoosiers have learned over the past week the limits of their flood and hail damage insurance policies.

Hundreds experienced hail damage from a storm that blew through this past Wednesday, and many others are dealing with flood damage to their cars and homes after waters rose in many communities on Friday and Saturday.

At the Home Depot near Castleton, a "drive through" claims processing center has sprung up.

Indiana ranks in the top ten for wind hail loss to their vehicles, according to State Farm Insurance, with 23,000 claims last year alone.

And it's been a tough couple of months already for Hoosiers. Most recently, flooding struck in counties north of Indianapolis where, whether they drove in it or not, cars were flooded by the heavy rains that fell, overflowing the creeks and rivers.

Others were pelted by hail storms. And that can do significant damage to your car and property.

So what do you do now?

"When they notice they have damage," said Sally Rauschendorfer of State Farm, "they file a claim and get in touch with their agent to determine what kind of damage and how best to look at that for them."

If you experienced hail or flood damage, you can stop by the Home Depot location in Castleton, where State Farm will assess your damage and, in some cases, cut you a check right on the spot.