Businesses take a hit because of continued bad weather


The city is still cleaning up from yesterday's record Valentine's day snowfall.

Businesses have taken a hit this winter. Instead of coming out during this winter's snow storms, people have just stayed home and hunkered down.

On the day after the most romantic day of the year, romance is still in the air at Chef Joseph's at the Connoisseur Room in downtown.

"He bought me flowers for Valentines Day. He bought me yellow roses and I thought yellow roses, ok," said Cecelia Fata of her husband Joe's gift of flowers.

"Apparently that means friendship. But for the record, I didn't know that. How would I know that?" Joe asked.

"He told me they look like Spring and that's why he bought them," explained Cecelia.

Spring can't come soon enough for the Fata's or Judy and Brian Paras who joined the Fatas for dinner at Chef Joseph's.

"Now you know what it must be like to live in Minnesota every year," said Joe Fata.

"This has been the worst winter I can even remember since '78," said Judy Paras.

It's been tough for business owners too.

"We were hurt this year very badly by the weather," said John Mays, the owner of Chef Joseph's.

Even reservations booked a month in advance for Valentines Day, got canceled last minute because of Friday's snow.

"People who had been trying to get in here for a month, trying to get a reservation on Valentines Day, got in at the last minute because of the snow," explained Mays of the good fortune some last minute procrastinators had.

Still, there are easier ways to come by a romantic dinner for two, especially when a snow storm is standing in way.

"A lot of people called and said I'm going to be, I'll be there, but I may be 45 minutes late," explained Mays.

Sometimes though, that's what it takes, when love's on the line.

"We've been voted one of the most romantic restaurants in the city for a couple years in a row," said Mays of his restaurant's reputation for romance.

That's why Joe Fata's glad his reservation was for Saturday, instead of Friday when the snow hit.

"We got lucky," said Fata.

Snow storm or not, after 30 years of marriage, Fata would have kept his reservation.

"We would have been out here if it was last night too," he said.