Businesses prepare for snowstorm

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The Spring  snowstorm seems to be catching many people by surprise.  Many contractors already took the snow plows off their trucks and even hardware stores thought they were done selling shovels.

Don Mullis is switching gears, "Did you ever think you'd be hooking this up after March 20? Absolutely not!"

He didn't think he'd be prepping salt either.  Don and his son run Circle City Outdoors snow removal during the winter and landscaping in the Spring and Summer.  In fact, the trucks were all ready for landscaping and hauling mulch when they heard about the six to nine inches of snow predicted for Central Indiana.

"Just part of business, just roll with the flow, do what we do best and take care of our customers," said Mullis.

When it comes to people prepping for the snowstorm, they're not snatching up the salt, they're flocking to the flowers.

"We're going to save them and not plant them until after the snow," explained Lee Ann Einterz.

"It's been so cold this entire month and then to cap it off with heavy snow--are you kidding me???  But, it is what it is, right," said Pat Sullivan.

He is doing his weekly radio show and one of the big topics, how to protect your spring flowers from the winter snow.  While everyone is talking snow, he's dreaming of greener days in more ways than one.

Sullivan said, "It really stretches small business guys because we've been losing money. We always lose money for three months and we expect that spring and it's a challenge.  We laugh about it, but it's a challenge."

A challenge Abbie and Lea Ann Einterz are trying to find the positive in.

"We're thinking we might get to use our cross country skis one more time. There's a bright spot to it," said Einterz.

As Mother Nature throws everyone for a loop.