Business success from Super Bowl last year

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At Traders Point Creamery they are serving up more than a Bloody Mary, it is a local success story.

"They are absolutely the most popular beverage we have on our brunch menu," said Brooke Studebaker, Assistant Manager at the Loft restaurant at Traders Point.

KC Cranfill and Erin Edds created Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary mix in 2010 .

It's mixed up in restaurants all over Indiana, and across the country thanks to a little football game one year ago.

The Super Bowl brought in $152 million dollars to the city. But it also gave small businesses like Hoosier Mommas legs and exposure.

"We did everything from the NFL tailgate the day of the game to just being in different hotels and bloody Mary bars," said Cranfill.

They are now in talks with a national distributor because of the people who got a taste of their concoction.

"There's John Besh yeah we met a couple pretty awesome celebrity chefs that weekend at the Rolling Stone tailgate we'd deliver them a cup of the mix and say can you try this he liked it so much he came back yeah now we are actually served at one of his restaurants in New Orleans," Cranfill and Edds said.

Hoosier Momma was building a name for itself before the big game but after the Super Bowl their business exploded.

"It blows my mind on a daily basis. We're not even three-years-old yet," said Edds.

Now the city is hoping to replicate this success story by bringing another Super Bowl to Indy.

"I think we'd be selling the community short if we didn't at least look at 2018 or future opportunities and how we can bring this great event back to our community. How we can do it perhaps bigger and better and not just rest on the laurels of what we did in 2012, but to also look ahead and say 'Why isn't Indianapolis a regular host of this great event?," said John Dedman with Indiana Sports Corp.

That's a concept these two couldn't agree with more.

"I'll drink to that," said Edds.

Hoosier Momma plans to re-launch a line of margarita mixes in the coming months. They say the sky is the limit from this point forward.