Burning Injustice

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If your house caught fire, could you prove you didn't commit arson? 13 Investigates looks into the case of an Indiana man whose arson conviction was reversed by an appeals court. The case raises questions about how arson investigations are run.

Burning Injustice Part One - In a small river town known to take a gamble, there is a smoldering burn of injustice. A midnight fire in April 2000 sent flames belching from Robin Montgomery's house and claimed everything he owned - including his freedom. 

Burning Injustice Part Two - They are supposed to be Indiana's elite in fire investigation. But a nationally reknown scientist says state arson teams here and across the country are using outdated, unproven techniques. Some experts say it's putting innocent suspects behind bars and even to death.

Man's arson case thrown out - After eight years, a stint in prison and two set trials, an Indiana man who says he was wrongly accused is now free and clear of arson.

Woman convicted in son's arson death plans appeal - A woman says she has the science to prove she did not set the fire that resulted in her young son's death.

Greensburg mom speaks out about 1995 arson, murder conviction

Greensburg woman convicted in son's arson death freed

Settlement talks set for mother wrongfully accused in son's arson death

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