Burglary victim desperate for heirloom's return

Thieves stole these earrings made from an Irvington woman's late father's wedding ring.
Stevi and Andrew Clark have been married since August of 2010. It's also the day she received a one-of-a kind gift in memory of her father.

"I'm probably going to get emotional," Stevi Clark said Wednesday afternoon inside her Irvington home while talking about the item. "I always keep a picture of him by my bedside so that I can see him when I wake up every morning."

For Stevi, talking about her dad is tough; he died in a work-related accident when she was just 13 years old. It's also around the time he started woodworking and built a quilt rack that sits in the Clarks' living room.

"Almost all of them had a little heart cut out of them. It was just like his way of showing people that he cared," Stevi said with a laugh.

Now a piece of her heart is cut out, after a thief broke in and stole one of the things money can't buy. Four years ago, her mom had a pair of earrings made from her late father's wedding ring.

"She told me she had them made for me to where when I walked down the aisle, so that he could be with me, which was really special," she said. "To have something that he wore everyday that was a symbol of love and meant a lot to him it really did feel like I had him there with me."

The priceless pair is now gone after a thief broke into the couple's home earlier this month.

"They actually came through here and climbed on top of this garbage can, pulled it under the window and popped the lock and got in over the sink but this stuff that they carried was too big to take out of there, so I assume that's when they decided to break the door down," Andrew Clark said.

While the stolen electronics can be replaced, they hope someone will come across the earrings.

"I got nervous wearing them, first of all, I wanted them to stay feeling special, so I didn't wear them every single day, I wanted it to be sort of an occasion or anytime that I really felt like I was having a hard day missing my dad, I would wear them then," Stevi said.

And until they're found, a piece of her heart will be missing.

"These aren't even worth that much money and they mean everything to me and to my family, too. He or she's not just hurting me, it's affecting a lot of people and it's one of the few tangible things that reminds me of my dad who I love more than anything, so I really want them back," Stevi said while fighting back tears.

Stevi and Andrew Clark have been to numerous pawn shops to look for the earrings, but have not been able to find them.

If you have spotted them, you're asked to call IMPD at 327-3811.