Burglary suspect caught trying to enter Don's Guns from roof

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A burglary suspect was caught trying to break in to Don's Guns at 38th and Lafayette Road overnight. 

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police were called to the store on an alarm and viewed video of the suspect, later identified as 19-year-old Brennon Cook, inside the building.

Police say Cook tried to enter the store through the roof.
Officers called an IFD ladder truck to the scene after the suspect became trapped in the attic. He slid down the gutter in the back of the building where he was greeted by K-9 officers.

Officers pursued Cook to the 4000 West 38th St., and with the help of a Clermont K-9, he was arrested.

Cook was arrested on suspicion of burglary, a C Felony if the Marion County Prosecutor's office chooses to charge him.

Owner Don Davis has a message for those who want to burglarize his stores.

"You can't get in Don's Guns but you know every now and then they try. They tear up something, I go repair it. We'll be open in the morning. Please come go shooting," said Davis.

Video surveillance in the store helped police confirm that the suspect was the man inside the store.