Bullet narrowly misses clerk during Florida gas station robbery

Photo/video: WFLA-TV
RIVERVIEW, Fla. (WFLA-TV) - A convenience store clerk in Florida says he's thanking God for saving his life when one of two masked robbers pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger.

Security cameras caught two masked robbers holding up this store in Riverview, southeast of Tampa.

The video shows the clerk being held at gunpoint by one robber while the other is stealing items from the store and cash from the register.

Right before leaving the store, one of the robbers takes aim at the clerk, turns his head, and fires his weapon.

Luckily, his shot missed, only hitting a shelf behind the clerk.

The two suspects then sped away in their car.

Both suspects were arrested Tuesday. The suspect who allegedly fired the shot faces charges of armed robbery and attempted murder. The other suspect faces two charges of armed robbery.

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