Brownsburg program eases first-time students into classroom


For students across central Indiana, an early start to the school year has been a shock. For the youngest of students, there's the new world of going to school for the first time. One local elementary school has a program that eases children and their parents into the classroom.

Abby Yontiss and her mom recently made the walk to kindergarten for the first time. It's an uncertain time for Abby, an emotional time for mom, made a bit easier at Cardinal Elementary School in Brownsburg.

"It's very emotional having to do kindergarten. I've got twin daughters, not just one. I've got one in two separate classes, and I get to do this twice today, not just once," said Ericka Herr, mother of Abby and Audrienna.

It starts with mothers walking their little ones to class and ends with a roomful of parents. At the Kindergarten Boo-Hoo Breakfast, parents were encouraged to walk their little ones to class to ease the anxieties of the first day of school. Then they get together to have coffee and donuts to meet with their fellow parents.

"I know that some of you are boohooing and some of you are yahooing," the Cardinal Elementary principal told the parents.

"This is probably a boo-hoo breakfast for me. This is my oldest," said Cathy McCroskey, mother.

Angie Falk and her husband Jason were here for their son Carter's first day.

"I think it's a yahoo for me," said Angie, laughing. "I felt kinda bad, because there were no tears."

"He was excited, so it's a yahoo I guess," said Jason.

"It's that gentle separation from mom and dad in the morning. Some of them have a harder time with that than others. For the most part, they do incredibly well," said Donna Petraits, communications coordinator, Brownsburg Community School Corp.

"Actually I'm gonna go cry here in a little bit once I get in my car. I'm trying to hold it in at the moment," admitted Ericka Herr, Abby's mom.

While this is just one day of many years of school to come, it's made a bit more memorable by the first walk to class.