Brownsburg Police hunt for armed robbery suspect


An armed robbery suspect struck again Tuesday, and police set up a huge perimeter in hopes of catching the suspect.

Investigators suspect one person is responsible for several robberies on the west side, including one at a tanning salon Monday and another last week at a gas station. This morning, we've learned of a new crime. Someone held up the "Finer Things" store on E. Main St. in Brownsburg.

Police are calling the suspect the "low-key" robber. The man went into the gift store just after it opened Tuesday morning and demanded money. He displayed a gun. He became aggressive, grabbing a female employee by the arm.

The employee got a close look at the weapon and decided that the gun wasn't real.

"She believed that the gun may not be a real gun and she attempted to take the money away from him, at which point he ran out of the business," said Brownsburg Police Det. Jennifer Pyatt-Barrett.

The aggressive behavior by the suspect is just what police predicted after a robbery Monday morning at Extreme Tanning in Avon. Just days before, while buying cigarettes at an Avon gas station, the same man pulled a gun and helped himself to their cash.

Police released a picture of a man who in the area at the same time as Tuesday's robbery. They would like to question him because he may have seen something important to the investigation. Contact Brownsburg Police at 317-852-1109 if you recognize the man.

The owner of Finer Things says she's warned her employees what to do in this situation.

"The nightmare would have been if any one of the people - my customers or employees - had been hurt - that's the last thing. I've told them before if somebody comes in and holds you up, just give them the money. Big deal - it's only money," said Melissa Blackshear, Finer Things owner.

Blackshear closed shop for Tuesday because her employees were so shaken up by the robbery.

"He actually apologized for what he was about to do, but told her he needed the money," Pyatt-Barrett said.