Brownsburg neighborhood turns blue to fight crime

One Brownsburg neighborhood held a special program to take the Blue Pledge against crime.
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In the quiet Holiday Park II neighborhood in Brownsburg, crime is low, but the concern is high.

"Nobody feels safe doing anything anymore and that's bothersome," said resident Stephen Longsworth.

There are 49 units in the neighborhood and many of them came together Friday for a special program.

Homeowner's Association President Donna Provence decided to take action to thank and support public servants.

"I was enthralled with the funeral service of Officer (Perry) Renn and I knew we had to do something," Provence said.

So she called fire and police leaders and asked them to come over for a neighborhood meeting to thank them and see what the community could do to help.

At the forum, leaders said the best way to help is to see something, say something.

"That's not being a nosy neighbor, that's being somebody that cares about your community," said Brownsburg Assistant Fire Chief Joel Thacker.

Residents learned to always keep a phone handy, but not just for calling 911.

"We've been able to solve quite a few home break-ins because of a neighbor who snapped a picture," said Sgt. Pete Fleck with the Brownsburg Police Department.

They also heard about a simple trick in case burglars come knocking.

"If you don't have a home alarm, make sure your car keys are right there by your dresser. If you hear a bump in the night, hit the panic alarm. Criminals hate noise, they hate people, and they hate light," said Sgt. Pete Fleck.

Before this community conversation, people literally turned the area blue by showing their support with blue lights and blue-themed snacks.

"We took blue and just sort of went with it with all of our napkins and tablecloths and punch," said resident Phyllis Greeson.

And now, united in the color and the cause, the neighborhood gathered to pose for a picture, indicating they've taken the Blue Pledge.

"My heart just feels great," Greeson said.