Brownsburg girl's new castle is wish come true

Bella was thrilled to see her wish come true.
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As is usually the case, the work comes down to the very last minute. A crew was busy in a Brownsburg backyard putting the finishing touches on a castle fit for a princess.

"Making it perfect for a princess," another worker added.

That takes a little more work. For that, the princess had to be whisked away to the downtown Hilton while the pink princess play castle she wished for was under construction.

"Oh my gosh, look at it! What do you think?" Gia Cruz asked her daughter as she carried her toward her new backyard castle. Naturally, it was painted pink, and featured two levels as well as a slide.

On Thursday afternoon, the five-year-old Isabella, who has been fighting for her life all of her life, got to see her Make-A-Wish come true. It's seems only fitting her mom would get to share it with her. After all, she gave little Bella life twice. She gave birth and then she gave her a kidney.

"I love that she has a place she could come. Kidney transplant is not a cure. A kidney transplant when this one fails. I want a place she can come to through all the ups and downs, good and bad, just to be kind of a sanctuary," Gia noted.

Mom says Bella most likely will need another kidney transplant sometime during her life but for now, her prognosis is good.

Bella had asked for two slides, so her brother Connor could have one. There were a host of other requests and all were granted.

"It's taking time away from worrying about hospitals, medications and she gets to be out here in her special place," Kelsey Barta from Make-A-Wish said.

"She's our little miracle baby," Mom added. She says Bella is healthy now for the first time in her life. Bella has gained ten pounds and grown seven inches, just in time to start kindergarten in two weeks.

"Her little personality has come out. She's really a whole different kid," Gia said with amazement.

Bella declined to comment during all the excitement but she did have a request.

"Can you take a picture of the rat, too?"

She requested we take a picture of her new stuffed rat. The rat who just so happens to be wearing a princess collar of its own and comes complete with a squeaker. At least they will always know where she is!