Brown County schools remain closed due to recent snow

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One of the areas hardest hit by the winter blast last week is Brown County.

Schools canceled classes again Tuesday, but another snow day doesn't have quite everyone excited.

Evan Knox is ready for the cabin fever to be over for both herself and her 16-year-old son.

"He has been studying, playing games, shoveling driveways, shoveling mine and shoveling our neighbor's driveway," Knox said.

While he's been busy, he's also in a bind. He hasn't been to school since last Thursday.

"Finals are coming up and he doesn't have materials that he needs for the tests that are coming up soon," Knox said.

Downtown Nashville may be charming, but the county is challenging.

"Our roads are very hilly because of the terrain, but we also have a lot of interesting challenges related to gravel roads," said Brown County Schools Superintendent David Shaffer.

Those steep inclines and rural areas make up the county's unique landscape.

"We really virtually had them ready yesterday during the day for school today, then we end up having another skiff of snow coming in, about two inches," Shaffer said.

The sun-bathed blue skies helped melt some of the snow, while the wind blew down some of the mounds, but its not enough. Tuesday marked the third snow day this year for the district of about 2,000 students. The semester ends December 20 and while many may be itching to get back, school administrators say safety is the most important lesson they can offer.

"We know that sometimes we have to close school when other districts that are essentially flat are able to have school, even though they have some snow," Shaffer said.

Brown County typically doesn't have a winter weather event like this until January. The district has five more snow days built into this year's calendar, just in case the snow and ice comes back.