Broken ATM at Maine bank spits out $37,000

Photo: South Portland Police Department

A malfunctioning ATM in South Portland, Maine spit out thousands of dollars in cash to a homeless man.

A woman waiting to use the ATM called police to report a man spending an unusual amount of time at the ATM. When South Portland Police officers drove up, they saw the same homeless man inside filling a shopping bag with cash from the ATM - $37,000, to be precise.

"How do you withdraw that much money from the ATM? I can only get $200 at a time," wondered one passerby.

South Portland Police Lt. Todd Bernard says police have dealt with this man before. He says the man used his bank card to withdraw $140 from his account, but then kept going. The ATM just kept giving him money.

"He was using his bank card to request more money," said Lt. Bernard.

Police say they gave the money back to the bank and say the bank didn't want to press charges.

The faulty ATM was out of service today. A TD Bank spokesman said, "due to a code error, this TD Bank ATM dispensed an incorrect amount of cash to a customer." He says no customer accounts were impacted by this $37,000 mistake. Because no charges were filed, police won't release the homeless man's name. But they aren't ruling out the possibility of charges against him.