Broad Ripple salon gives back to cancer patients

Ribbon Salon hosts "Spa For A Cause" every Monday.

If you're facing a health issue, it can lift your spirits to know that people care. Workers at a Broad Ripple salon have put true beauty in the beauty business.

Most days of the week, the Ribbon Salon and Spa in Broad Ripple is a regular place for pampering the public. But every Monday, it is a place for hugs, healing, and hope. It's called Spa For A Cause.

"On Mondays I feel like I get my energy filled up; my lamplight filled," said Carolyn Smith, salon owner.

That's because on Mondays, Carolyn Smith and her staff only serve women and men who are being treated for cancer.

"Just helping others that are going through struggle and making them feel good," she said.

It's a gift for clients with cancer who get all spa services for free.

"I lost my part time income for over a year now, so it's a service that I wouldn't be able to afford," said Nicole Meisberger, cancer patient and salon customer.

It's a moment of respite from the ravages of cancer.

"Fighting cancer is exhausting - physically, emotionally, mentally and to be able to come in and have a little pampering for yourself and to just get away for a few minutes, is a true blessing," said Julie Morales, cancer patient.

Soothing hands soothe the soul for Julie Morales. But this cancer patient is also giving something in return.

"Today, she, Julie is giving me a gift. I get to leave today happy that I know that I made somebody's day. It's not about me. You're gonna make me cry!" said Kellie Redmond, salon employee.

Whether it's a hug, a facial, or a manicure or a haircut, their lives are changed in doing the service and for those receiving service.

"It's like walking into the door at home. This is family," said Margaret Nale, cancer patient.

They also care for the cancer patient's caregivers, including Vicki Stamps.

"I was caring for my sister Trissy," she explained. Vicki received spa services along with Trissy who had a rare cancer. "It felt really good seeing her be happy for that time when she would be here."

Cancer took Trissy's life a year ago.

"I miss my baby sister. She was my best friend," said Vicki.

But Vicki is still connected to the place and the people who cared for her sister.

"You can feel the love from them as they're caring for you," she said.

"The hardest part is seeing people struggle and losing their battle," said Smith.

Carolyn Smith knows that pain personally. She gives to cancer patients in honor of those she has loved and lost. Four of her siblings have had breast or colon cancer. Two have died, most recently her sister Ruth Ann.

"I know she is totally shining down on me and she would love it and she would be really happy that other people are helping me and using their skills to help others," she said.

Carolyn Smith created "Spa For A Cause" as a non-profit arm of her Salon. If you'd like to support her efforts, click here.

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