Brickyard Blog: Jeff Gordon's 20th anniversary

(WTHR file photo from 2012 Brickyard)
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Here we go!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway comes back to life this week with the 20th annual Brickyard 400.

It’s a special year for Jeff Gordon. 20 years ago, I went to Charlotte, North Carolina to do a story on some ‘up and coming’ race car driver. Jeff Gordon went to Tri-West High school in Hendricks County. He was living in a modest apartment in Charlotte and was getting ready to race in the first ever Brickyard 400.

I remember he had just won a big race and they gave him a Van with his named stitched in the floormats! That was big time!

We went to the mall one afternoon, and nobody even recognized him while we strolled around. We ran into a man wearing a Jeff Gordon NASCAR t-shirt. Gordon was excited that his ‘brand’ was starting to take off!

A few weeks later, his life changed when he won the Brickyard 400 for the first time! 20 years later, Gordon is now a household name with his four Brickyard 400 wins!

He may be worth millions these days, but he has remained the same humble dude I met back in 1994!

This week should be fun share some funny flashback memories with Gordon.

We’ll bring you more blog updates each day this week!

See you at the track!

Dave Calabro