Bret Michaels: "Your health trumps all."

Bret Michaels
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The WTHR Health and Fitness Expo is packed with "star power." Bret Michaels is just one of the celebrities you can see.  He is famous with a band and songs known throughout the world.  And yet, Bret Michaels says there is something even more important to him.

"Your health trumps all. When you feel good, you feel right, it really matters," said Michaels.

Bret Michaels has lived with type one diabetes since he was six years old. In recent years, he underwent brain and heart surgery which forced him to take a hard look at improving his own health.

"There's no doubt throughout my career that I've had to make some changes and adjustments," said Michaels. "I'm not going to lie, you get out there on the road and still to this day spend 250 days of the year on the road traveling and playing music.  There's times where you go out after a show, you have too much of a good time, and too much of a party and you have to find that balance in your life to make it work."

Michaels say he now concentrates on diet, exercise and having the right mental approach to living healthy. 

"Mentally, you've got to stay in the game because physically, your body is going to follow that.  Mentally, you've got to be a fighter.  You have a lot of things thrown at you and mentally, I've tried to stay in the fight as best I can and keep that spirit," said Michaels.  "In life, you get thrown different things.  For me, being dealt the card of diabetic, I do five injections a day since I was six years old and about ten blood tests.  For me, I wake up in the morning I check my blood sugar, I make sure I eat good in the morning which is hugely important because it feels right - it fuels your day.  Eating right in the morning fuels your day.  And then after that, working out.  That's the next thing I do.  I love to work out.  Gets me jacked up.  I feel good.  And people can do that in whatever capacity works for them."

Michaels says his hit song, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" seems to symbolize his life and health.

"To me, that is life.  My life is a series of great moments , the rose and the thorns - that comes along with it .  I go back to this with health.  A lot of it is how you mentally deal with obstacles that you might find in your way, how you adjust to that.  How you overcome that adversity.  That's what I've been like in my life is fighting through that and finding a way to get it done.  Hopefully, good medical attention and the grace of God and keeping yourself healthy, you're going to be in great shape."

Bret Michaels is scheduled to speak at 1pm on Sunday, April 27 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

"Coming to Indianapolis, not only do I love the city but I get to be there as a keynote speaker, I get to meet people and I get to come in and talk about health and it's huge for me," said Michaels.

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