Break in cold doesn't extend to break in gas bills

Pence (file photo)
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A break in the brutally cold temperatures won't be enough to give you a break with your heating bill. No matter how you heat your home or business, it's going to cost you more this winter.

Gas companies Citizens and Vectren have warned their customers.

And now the state is calling on those half-million Hoosiers who use propane to do their part to conserve.

In large part, the severely cold temperatures we've experienced this winter are to blame for what the Governor calls a "propane shortage."

Supplies here are scarce and so a call to action by Governor Pence to conserve. "We want to urge every Hoosier to do what you can to conserve your use of propane energy," said Pence. "Turn down your thermostat more than you usually would. Ease the burden on supply."

Pence was joined by agriculture and other state leaders during a news conference Wednesday where he outlined what the state is doing to get through the shortage.  Part of the adjustment includes suspending the limitations of loads for propane suppliers. 

For the 10-percent of Hoosiers who use propane as a heating source, prices for the fuel have more than doubled so heating bills will be on the rise.

Vectren also announced this week that natural gas bills will be higher than normal this month and next.

It's a dilemma we're all facing during this extreme winter, so the Governor calling on us to look out for each other.