Bradway tributes continue at DC homecoming

The Decatur Central band played at Officer Bradway's funeral service.
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The day after his funeral and burial, another tribute is scheduled today for fallen IMPD officer Rod Bradway - this one from teens supporting Bradway's children.  

Tonight is homecoming and special plans are underway at Decatur Central High School where Bradway's children attend.

As with many high schools, Decatur Central is a close-knit community. But, the Bradway children are a part of the band - and that's a family, as well. When one suffers, they all suffer. That's what the Hawks are going through right now.

So, at tonight's homecoming game, a moment of silence is planned.

All week long, homecoming has been about the music. The family is deeply entrenched in the band program, where Bradway's son, Jonathan, plays the saxophone. His daughter, Sierra, plays the mellophone.

You saw evidence of that deep connection yesterday at the funeral service for Officer Bradway. The full 165-member band performed at the special request of Officer Bradway's widow, Jamie.

The band director, Tim Cox, said she called him Friday night, and the two talked for 45 minutes and cried together. At the end of that conversation, she made that special request. Yesterday's performance meant double duty for the Marching Band, though as they also spent part of the week preparing for tonight's Homecoming festivities.

"We just want them to know that we love them and let them know that we're family," Cox said. "It's important for us to be there because it's community. I keep saying the word family because that's what it is. We've worked next to them in the concession stands. We've seen them at contests and on band trips and it's just a family thing."

In addition to giving in service, at tonight's homecoming, the school also wants to help the family financially.

"We are going to have several cans that will be taken around if people want to donate to the family fund that's been set up by the FOP," said Decatur Central Athletic Director Kelly McWilliams, "and we will be donating all that money to that fund for the family."

In addition to being heavily involved in the band program with his children, Officer Bradway also officiated some of the high school's soccer games. He was scheduled to work one on Monday. In his absence, the school also held a moment of silence.