BP hears from 5,300 customers over recalled fuel


BP has heard from more than 5,000 customers whose cars have required repairs associated with recalled regular gasoline in northwestern Indiana.

BP spokesman Scott Dead said Tuesday it's received 4,500 calls and 800 email messages since announcing the recall a day earlier.

The oil company says customers whose vehicles have experienced hard starting or other problems caused by the fuel should send it an email at bpconsum@bp.com or call 1-800-333-3991. Dean says customers should provide receipts for the repairs and fuel purchase, if available, or credit card bills showing the fuel purchase at affected retailers.

BP believes a 50,000-barrel batch of gasoline shipped from its Whiting fuel storage terminal Aug. 13-17 contained a higher level of a polymeric residue.

BP says the fuel may have been purchased by motorists at BP and other retail outlets in the region. BP says it's going through shipping records and contacting customers who may have loaded tanker trucks at the terminal during the affected period.

The company apologized for inconveniences caused to customers.

Meantime, Ricker's Chairman Jay Ricker has announced that none of Ricker's branded or supplied stores were affected by this recall.

"The recalled BP gasoline in northwestern Indiana did not reach any Ricker's locations. However, if you were a customer at another BP station and believe your car was affected, BP intends to make it right," Ricker said. 

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