BP assesses refinery oil spill in Lake Michigan

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Oil spilled into Lake Michigan on Monday afternoon after a malfunction at a BP refinery plant in Whiting, Indiana. BP says it's still assessing how much oil entered the lake, although one report puts the amount at 500 gallons.

Crude oil was discharged into the lake from the refinery's cooling water outfall about 20 miles southeast of downtown Chicago. The discharge was stopped and BP says it has contained the oil through the use of a boom.

The oil is now concentrated in a cove between the refinery plant and a steel mill. No injuries have been reported.

BP notified the US Coast Guard, the EPA and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of the accident.

Clean-up efforts remained underway today. 

Indiana Department of Environmental Management spokesman Dan Goldblatt says an agency staffer reported seeing a large sheen on the lake about 2 a.m. Tuesday. Dean says that sheen was in the cove and was no longer visible several hours later.

The Associated Press and NBC News contributed to this report.