Boyfriend of missing Shelbyville woman arrested

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Police arrested Scott Schuck Wednesday on one count of voluntary manslaughter after investigators said they found human remains behind his home - all in connection to the disappearance of Schuck’s girlfriend, Rebecca Cassidy, who disappeared in 2010.

A team of police officers, prosecutors and forensic experts searched all day Tuesday in the back yard of Scott Schuck's home then returned Wednesday morning. Investigators did not confirm who they found, but said the remains are definitely human.

Photo: Investigators used dogs Tuesday in their search.

This small residential street near the corner of Elm and Evans is now at the center of a huge investigation, attracting dozens of onlookers.

“There were probably 200 some people yesterday. There probably about 50 to 60 today,” said neighbor Bryan Haltom.

Investigators used dogs and even moved a shed off its foundation. It was a shed the Cassidy built with Schuck.

Photo: Crews began digging on an Elm Street property again Wednesday morning.

Many wonder if the remains found behind this house are in fact Rebecca Cassidy and if Scott Schuck is responsible for her death and burying her body.

“You think of a small town like this and it's supposed to be good neighborhoods and stuff like that and stuff like this happens and it's kind of disappointing,” Haltom added.

The discovery is a somber relief for family friends, confident Cassidy didn't just disappear. 

“She wouldn't just take off," insisted Carolyn Ivie, who's known Cassidy since she was a child. "She was just getting ready to start a new job and everything."

Photo: Rebecca Cassidy

She said Cassidy and Schuck had a rocky relationship. She hopes this will bring closure to Rebecca's family.

“I think she is there and I think it is just really sad. Words can't express how I feel about it,” said Ivie.

But the man at the center of the investigation denies any wrongdoing. He even watched from a couch on a porch across the street all day Tuesday as police dug up his back yard, telling friends the whole time that investigators would find nothing.

“They had searched my property once before - on my consent, without a search warrant; the cadaver dogs and everything. Found nothing,” said Schuck.

PHOTO: Scott Schuck speaking with Eyewitness News while crews dug on his property

Scott Schuck faces a single charge of voluntary manslaughter. That's not as serious as a murder charge. It means "intentionally causing death while acting under sudden heat."

We should learn more details about the case during a court hearing Thursday afternoon.

WTHR's Matt McCutcheon contributed to this story.