Boyfriend arrested in death of Indianapolis woman

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A young mother was found dead overnight at a home with a history of domestic disturbances. Her boyfriend was arrested at the hospital.

A single candle burns in front of the house where 24-year-old Shanna Elmore's body was discovered Monday night. Police say the mother of two young children was murdered by her live-in boyfriend, 23-year-old Cory Musick.

The coroner determined that Elmore died from "multiple massive penetrating sharp and blunt force traumatic injury to the head."

Ten hours after police were first called to the house, bags of evidence were removed. But police admit this is an unusual case and won't comment on the circumstances of the crime.

"It's less clear cut. These things are typically followed up by person shot run and things like that. That's why we have to let the investigation play out. We have to let the coroner's office perform autopsies to determine how and when the death occurred," said Lt. Chris Bailey, Indianapolis Metro Police.

It wasn't the first time police had been called to this address. Police responded to calls from the address a couple of times over the past year. After one incident, both the suspect and the victim were both arrested.

Both Cory Musick and Shanna Elmore were charged with domestic battery and battery causing injury. According to a police report, Elmore "spat on him and bit him". Musick "smacked her and spat on her"

Both were accused of hitting each other. At the time, Elmore was nine months pregnant with Musick's child.

The grieving mother also believes they should have paid more attention to the telltale signs of the couple's rocky and violent relationship.

"The more I think about it, I should have known. I should have known," said Elmore's mother, Rhonda.

She said she tried to reach her daughter this past weekend, but Musick refused to put her on the telephone. Elmore suspected something was seriously wrong.

"When I talked to him three days in a row and I talked with my grandson three days in a row and I didn't talk to my daughter at all," she said.

She says one of her daughter's sons was at her house, but the second son was at home.

"I believe that she probably laid in that house all weekend dead, with the baby in there with her. That's what I believe," Elmore said. "I hope Cory if you killed my daughter that you go to jail for the rest of your life and I never want to see you again, dude."

Rhonda Elmore says Musick and her daughter were childhood sweethearts.

"They have been together since Shanna was eight years old," she said.

Neighbors like Estella Alvarado are trying to make sense of what happened, too.

"For me, it's heartbreaking. I'm still hysterical. I haven't gone to sleep since 10:30 last night. I have not slept at all," said neighbor Estella Alvarado. "Seeing this young girl gone. She ain't never, I mean, her kids ain't never going to be able to see their mom no more. Their dad is probably going to prison."

Musick was initially arrested last night at Wishard Hospital. Exactly what happened to him is unclear. He has since been transferred to the Marion County Jail.