Boy trapped in sand could soon be released from hospital

Nathan Woessner
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A six-year-old boy trapped for hours under the sand at the Indiana Dunes is expected to be released from the hospital this week.

Nathan Woessner fell into a hole on Mount Baldy at the Dunes on Friday, July 12th.  He was buried eleven feet below the surface.  It took rescuers more than three hours to get to him.

Nathan was taken to a hospital in critical condition.  He had to be sedated for nearly a week so doctors could clear the sand from his airways. On Monday, he was in good condition.

Nathan's parents spoke publicly for the first time on the Today Show this morning.  His mother, Faith Woessner, said, "We can't express our gratitude enough for the rescuers and the nursing staff and everybody that's helped bring Nathan back to us. And we are thankful to God for being there with us and bringing Nathan back to us."

Doctors say Nathan is expected to make a full neurological recovery, but he may suffer lingering problems from inhaling sand.