Boy struck by lightning this summer, gets to go home

Ethan Kadish

Ethan Kadish, 13, spent 145 days in the hospital after being struck by lightning last June in Indianapolis at the Goldman Union Camp Institute.

The Kadishes, from Loveland, Ohio said they were excited to have Ethan home right before Thanksgiving.

"It feels wonderful. We're filled with a lot of excitement and a lot of joy, and we still have a lot of unknowns. I think for us, Thanksgiving has come eight days early," Ethan's father, Scott, said.

Ethan was expected home last week but that was delayed until Wednesday. The Kadish home had to be remodeled in order to accommodate Ethan's new wheelchair.

The Kadishes said Ethan had a traumatic brain injury and was in intensive care and on a breathing tube before regaining some motor functions.

His parents said Ethan is continuing with physical and speech therapy.

"It's a whole mix of emotions. It's happiness, it's excitement, anxiety, and it's fear. We don't know what's going to happen.

 It's his first night home. So we're just playing it by ear right now," Ethan's brother, Zakary, said.

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Story courtesy WLWT