Boy struck by car leaving church carnival

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A young boy is facing serious injuries after he was struck by a car while riding his bike.

Police report doctors saved both of his legs and performed surgery for severe head trauma. The accident happened last night shortly after nine on Southeastern Ave. on the city's southeast side.

We talked with a woman who watched the horrific scene unfold.

"I noticed a child screaming and yelled, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, call 911," said Christina.

And that's exactly what did. The scene laid out in front of Christina's home here in the 7200 block of Southeastern Ave. Friday night can only be described as disturbing.

"There was a bike over here by the little warning sign and there was another bike right over here. There was two bikes. I could tell the child that had been struck was hurt very badly. You could see obviously that he had some trauma to his legs.

You could see the bone. That was pretty horrific," said Christina.

Across the street, Nativity Catholic Church was holding its annual summer carnival and police say the boy, identified as Alex Volz, who is 12, was leaving there when the accident happened.

No doubt this is a busy street, but there are bike lanes. Unfortunately, this protected area wasn't enough to keep that little boy safe.

"I believe possibly last night with the carnival going on, the lights, extra people around--it was just an unfortunate accident and my heart breaks for the child and the parents and the person and just everyone involved," said Christina.

"It scares me and I feel terrible not only for him at the family, but for any children that live in the area," said Martha Contreras.

Contreras lives several blocks from the accident scene. While police haven't ruled on a cause of the accident, she says speed is routinely a problem here.

"Even when we allow Peytah to ride her bike in the driveway, we really have to monitor her to make sure, being a child to make sure she doesn't run out into the road with her bike and people do not slow down," said Contreras.

Back to Christina--she and her 14-year-old son just moved in one day ago.

"And my son was across the street and my first instinct was oh my gosh, was my son trying to cross the street. I got a hold of him and he was fine. But, it was just very, very unfortunate. My heart breaks for them," said Christina.

As a little boy fights to recover.

Police say they do not believe alcohol was a factor. But, the driver of that car, a 24-year-old woman, did submit to a blood draw taken right after the accident at Wishard Hospital. According to the police report, Alex was not in the bicycle lane when he was hit. The investigation is ongoing.