Boy facing felony charges for school bus joyride

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A 12-year-old Florida boy is facing serious charges after taking a joyride on a school bus.

School officials say the Bay County boy was riding his bike at 4 a.m. when he saw the bus parked outside its driver's home with the door wide open. The child turned it on and took off, driving all over the county for nearly an hour.

"Climbed on board, saw that the keys were left in the ignition by mistake and he cranked the bus up and drove it all around Bay County," said school security chief Mike Jones.

Deputies say the joyride ended at a Walmart about 15 minutes away from where he reportedly stole the bus.

"He didn't have an answer for why he did it, he just went for a ride," Jones said.

He says a security camera on the bus showed the young driver calm, cool and collected in the driver's seat.

"We watched him on there and he was pretty cool in character, he just cranked it up and drove it, like he had done it all his life," Jones said.

The boy is charged with grand theft over $100,000, felony criminal mischief and grand theft over $1,000.