Boy, 12, shoots leg while playing with gun

Jordan Anderson, now 21 years old, shown in a 2013 booking photo

A child is recovering after he accidentally shot himself while playing with a gun.

Investigators say a man left his five grandchildren in the car while he went into a store on east 30th Street.  While he was gone, the 12-year-old boy found a gun in the car.

The child told police he thought it was a bb gun and started playing with it, when it went off.

The boy's mom later picked him up at his grandfather's house, saw his leg was bleeding, and took him to the hospital.

Police were then called to Community East Hospital to investigate the incident.  That was about 10:20 p.m. Friday night.

The boy was later transferred to Riley Hospital.

Officials said his condition was not serious when he arrived at the emergency room, but have not provided an update on his condition.