Boy, 10, arrested for throwing rocks from Indianapolis overpass


Vandalism detectives from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department want to know if a group of boys are responsible for even more vehicle damage in an overpass mischief case.

Last Monday, 12-year-old Dwayne was with his two brothers and their ten-year-old neighborhood friend when they got stopped by police.  Dwayne's mother gave him permission to talk to Eyewitness News about his visit to the Madison Avenue railroad overpass.

"We were walking against the train track," said Dwayne. "My friend, he picked up a rock and he threw a rock at a big red truck." 

That pickup truck was being driven by Shannon Hodges. She told police she could see one of the boys gesture to throw a rock. She called 911 after getting hit.

Hodges told the dispatcher, "I need an officer at my house, A little kid just threw a rock off the bridge when I was coming down Madison and hit my windshield and shattered my windshield while I'm driving."

An Indianapolis Metro Police officer arrested Dwayne's ten-year-old friend for criminal mischief, criminal recklessness and overpass mischief.

Now, Eyewitness News has learned the owner of a local trucking company wants to know if the same boys threw a rock, smashing the windshield on one of his dump trucks.

Last Tuesday, a driver radioed in to company headquarters saying someone just threw a brick into his windshield from the overpass.

Mendel Shank at Littleton Trucking said, "I can't believe it didn't go all the way through the windshield. We definitely had to get it replaced. It was totally smashed in."

Overpass rock throwing is dangerous and deadly. In April 2005 police arrested 18-year-old Robert Roberts in a deadly rock throwing case at I-70 and Lynhurst Avenue. Trucker Richard Rodriguez died after a rock broke through the  windshield on his 18-wheeler, striking him in the chest.

In last week's case, officers released Dwayne and his two brothers to their mother.

"I was scared because I thought I was going to go to juvy," said Dwayne.

The investigation is ongoing right now. Metro officers want to hear from others who may have suffered vehicle damage around the same time period. That includes one driver who called 911 after getting hit but left the area before an officer arrived on the scene.