Boy, 10, arrested for burning girl's ear with lighter

Talitha Phillips
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An Indianapolis mother wants some answers after school police arrested a boy for trying to burn her daughter with a lighter.

It happened last Friday at Pleasant Run Elementary School in Warren Township. The mother expressed her concerns in an exclusive interview with WTHR.

Talitha Phillips has several questions for the school after the ten-year-old boy brought the lighter to school.

Her daughter was in the hallway last Friday when she says the boy activated a disposable lighter and burned her ear.

"He had a lighter. The principal told me he had it all week. He decided to play around and flick it and put it by her ear and then hurry up and shoved it back in his pocket," said Phillips.

The school nurse treated the girl, who did not require any extensive medical attention and even wanted to stay at school.

The school police officer reported that the boy admitted to doing it on purpose. Another ten-year-old boy witnessed the entire incident and police found he had a disposal lighter on him too.

The girl also told her mother about another lighter attack prior to hers.

"She also told me that he tried it the day before with another little girl and that little girl told the librarian and the librarian told her to stay away from him and that was a big concern to me and I was actually disturbed by that," said Phillips.

School police arrested the ten-year-old boy for battery and criminal recklessness.