Boudia's 'Rosa Parks' tweet getting attention

David Boudia

A political comment on Twitter has an Indiana Olympic gold medalist getting support and criticism.

Diver David Boudia tweeted this yesterday: "Targeting the wealthy for tax raises is like telling Rosa Parks to move to the back of the bus. #hard-working citizens"

Boudia won the gold medal in the ten-meter individual platform competition at the London Olympics this past summer.

Not everyone was happy with Boudia's comments.

"What a dumb tweet! Horrible analogy. Reagan had higher taxes on the wealthy. Wealthy doesn't mean hardworking. SMH," posted one follower. SMH is short for "shaking my head."

Another follower posted, "I'm sorry you feel way. I used to respect you. You just lost a follower...what a #Boiler down moment."

Eyewitness News talked with Boudia Friday afternoon and asked him about the tweet. He said he knows when you talk about politics, religion and sex, there is controversy. But specifically about the tweet he said, "Ultimately I believe there needs to be a flat tax rate = equality. Rosa Parks should be able to sit where she wants regardless of race = equality."

Boudia's tweets since the original one yesterday have been about Boiler basketball and New York. He has more than 33,000 followers on Twitter.

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