Boston bomb suspect appears in runner's photo

A Florida man took this photo of the explosion scene at the Boston Marathon. (David Green photo)
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A Florida man who ran in Monday's Boston Marathon appears to have captured a photo of one of the bombing suspects leaving the scene.

David Green of Jacksonville Beach, Fla. told CNN Thursday night he took a photo down Boylston Street after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the marathon. On the left side of the photograph, a man in a white hat is seen running away from the scene.

The man appears to match photographs of a suspect identified by the FBI earlier Thursday as "Suspect #2" in the bombing.

Green told CNN he ran the marathon with a team of co-workers, then stopped to take a photograph of the scene before rushing to help. The one photograph he took on his iPhone appears to have captured the fleeing suspect.

The New York Times also spoke with Green, who says he has sent the photo to FBI investigators. He said they told him the image was the best they have of the possible suspect at this time.

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