Bono optimistic about 'Spider-Man' musical future

Bono optimistic about 'Spider-Man' musical future
U2 lead singer, Bono
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U2 frontman Bono feels optimistic that his musical, "Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark" will continue to thrive after the show turns the lights out on Broadway early next year.

He acknowledged that even though the show had its problems, it worked out well.

"Three hugely successful years, and then it's off to Germany, it's off to Las Vegas," Bono said Monday night on the red carpet for "Mandela: the Long Walk to Freedom."

The "Spider-Man" musical was Broadway's most expensive show, costing around $75 million.

"It was a lot more expensive than it should have been, but in the long term it will - it will do very, very well," he said.

The musical turns off its light at the Foxwoods Theater on January 4.

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