Bond reduced for suspect in daycare parking lot shooting

Christopher Justice
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The man accused of shooting his ex-wife outside an Indianapolis daycare last week had his bond reduced Thursday, and the victim's relatives are speaking out.

Judge Grant Hawkins reduced Christopher Justice's bond from $100,000 to $25,000 on Thursday. The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence held a news conference Thursday afternoon in response to the bond reduction.

Justice, 33, was arrested in the shooting of Shirley Justice on Feb. 18. She remains hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds.

Sheila Hart, Shirley Justice's mother, said her daughter was shot 13 times. Shirley Justice is in stable condition but has had some complications, her mother said.

"Every now and then something will come up, so, they are dealing with it. Her spirits are broken but she is managing," said Hart.

Hart says her daughter felt no one believed her when she told them her husband was a threat.

"She always said, 'Mom, he's going to kill me,'" Hart told reporters at the news conference. "[The attempt on Shirley Justice's life] happened just as she said it would."

 "She's not the villain. She was shot 13 times. Regarding who she was, and her past...she's not the villain. She's the victim here," said Tanisha Cohen, a family friend.

"You really think that you are going to get away with it. It appears that you may. But I am going to have faith in this justice system that you won't get away with this," said Hart.

Police say Christopher Justice opened fire in a daycare parking lot after Shirley Justice had dropped off their daughter at the daycare. Justice fled the state but was later taken into custody in Kentucky.

Shirley Justice filed protective orders against her husband several times before they divorced. She told police he had threatened her life. There was no protective order in place when Shirley was shot.

Christopher Justice's next date in court is April 8th. If someone puts up ten percent of his new $25,000 bond, he could be out of jail by that time - something his ex-wife's family hopes doesn't happen.