Bomb expert explains explosion investigation

John Mull
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An explosives expert spoke with Eyewitness News Monday about the explosion in a south Indianapolis neighborhood. John Mull, a retired bomb technician, helped shed some light on what investigators will be looking for as they try to determine a cause.

"The curious thing to be determined, and I think it probably will be, is what was the detonating spark, what was the point of detonation? That's what I would find curious about doing that scene is exactly where in that rubble did this originate. These guys are good. They will come up with that.

"I wonder about a crater. If there is a crater, perhaps in the basement of the initial house, that actually served as a vessel that contained that explosive gas.

"You can see not only the burn pattern, but you can also see where, looking out here on the outer edges of it, where the fragmentation pattern was on it and get some idea, right in this area here, is where it originated and went that way and this way.

No evidence of plane or drone

"If you had something like a drone or a plane, you're going to have evidence left behind. They're metal and that type of evidence is going to be there. I have not heard of anything like that being found.

"If it is meth, you would have different burn signatures from the meth than this, than the gas.

"You would not get this type of explosion from an instantaneous leak. Whatever is leaking here has been contained and building up for some time, undoubtedly, to have that type of effect.

"The people in the ground doing the work and in the holes looking and photographing, testing and taking samples, they will get the right answer."