Bold burglars strike Fishers neighborhood

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People in Fishers - rated one of the safest towns in the country - are on alert after a string of break-ins.

Seventeen-year-old Casey Donovan of Fishers learned early on that he and his family live in one of the safest places and not only in the Midwest.

"I have always thought of it as the safest town in America," Donovan said.

But now, the high school junior hopes people in Fishers will step up their game and keep their eyes peeled. Bold burglars recently targeted his neighbor's house in the Sunblest subdivision.

"The burglar went up to the house and knocked on the door and made sure there was no response and, without any response, they just kicked the door right in," Donovan said.

Once inside, the family says the burglars ransacked their home, stealing jewelry and other items. The thieves even turned over the mattresses on the bed, looking for items to take from the house.

What's scary to neighbors as they learn about the break-in is that the burglars reportedly knocked the front door off the hinges, despite having two deadbolt locks installed on the door.

Neighbor Linda Callahan has lived in the same Fishers subdivision since the early 1990s. She raised her children there with little-to-no crime incidents. But after learning about the recent break-in and several others, the Fishers mom now warns against a false sense of security.

"Fishers is a safe place, but every once in a while you get someone who wants to take advantage of the fact that Fishers is a safe place," Callahan said.

What's even more alarming than the recent dozen or more break-ins in the Fishers area is the time burglars are striking - in broad daylight. In some cases, police suspect burglars may even be driving through neighborhoods casing homes.

That's another reason officers want to hear about suspicious activity. A Fishers Police spokesperson says they would rather check out a suspicious person before it turns into a full-blown crime if that is the case.

"You don't want to be frivolous...but I think everybody should try to help take care of each other and watch what's going on in the neighborhood," said Callahan.

Even Donovan, as a teenager, believes some people take the safety of the town for granted a little bit. The Sunblest subdivision is just one of several areas under fire by burglars.

Police are also investigating break-ins in the Sunblest Apartments. Police hope more people will become their eyes and ears throughout Fishers.

Anyone with information on burglary suspects can remain anonymous when calling the Crime Stoppers hotline at 317-262-TIPS. Clues called in that lead to an arrest will earn the anonymous caller up to $1,000 cash.

The Fishers Police Department is a major partner with Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana.