Bold bank robbery spree continues across central Indiana

Surveillance pictures show thieves at work during a recent Avon bank robbery.

If it appears we don't go a week without hearing about another bank robbery in central Indiana, you're right.

Bank robberies are increasing and so are your chances of getting caught in the middle of a hold-up.

Two bold bank robbers hit a Forum Credit Union branch in Carmel on April 1, continuing a string of robberies that police believe will continue. So far, the pair has managed a clean getaway after several hold-ups, including banks in Zionsville and Avon.

"The duo is committing what police call 'takeover-style' robberies," said Avon Police Det. Brian Nugent.

The thieves are bursting in with guns drawn and a high potential for things to take a dangerous turn.

"I was scared. I was nervous," said Scarlet Hubbard.

Hubbard, a former bank manager, knows exactly what bank employees and customers are going through. She's lived through a number of hold-ups, including one in 1998 at what is now an Indiana Members Credit Union branch on North Michigan Road. The suspect, then-19-year-old Dayon Miller, ordered employees around at gunpoint.

"He ended up putting them in the vault and having them tape, tie each other up and the mental anguish, it's the worst," Hubbard said.

Police captured the suspect in his stolen getaway car, which he took from a customer who left it out front, angry about the slow drive-thru lane, because the robbery was happening inside. Hubbard says bank employees are trained for robberies, but hopes customers know what to do as well.

"If they've got a gun and you've seen it, they'll use it. Just do what you are told, stay there and don't make any sudden moves," Hubbard said.

She worries the pair now targeting central Indiana banks are now in it for more than just the money.

"They are in it for the thrill now. They are saying, 'We can beat the cops'," Hubbard said.

Police hope someone sees beyond the masks and puts names to the faces before they strike again.

Robbery detectives from Avon, Zionsville and Carmel are comparing notes more than ever, especially since one of the suspects appears to be carrying a Tech-9, rather than a handgun.

Anyone with clues on the pair can call the Crime Stoppers hotline anonymously at 317-262-TIPS. The tip that leads to an arrest in this case could result in a cash reward of up to $1,000.