Body of Arcadia man recovered from flood waters

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After two days of searching, emergency crews found the body of the Hamilton County man swept away by the high water. David Baker was 43 and his body was discovered around ten Sunday morning by search crews.

Early Saturday morning, Baker was driving west on 266th Street, just east of Arcadia, when he drove into high water and drowned.

Baker's family members are now using their tragedy to warn others.

"The last words he said was, "call Bob Baker, which is me!" said Bob Baker, David's father.

But, when Bob got that early Saturday morning call from local police about his son, David. It wasn't good. David had driven into high water--just two miles away from home.

"It just picked his truck up and it floated away like a feather," said Bob.

The intense two-day search drew rescue crews from around the county--But, the effort was tricky--off and on no thanks to the churning high water and dangerously fast current.

"We wanted things done quicker, but things just don't work out that way," said Bob.

Then, finally--a discovery. The local dive team located David's body not far from his truck. For the family and friends who kept a steady vigil over the search hoping and praying for a miracle--it's bittersweet closure. But, in spite of their grief--a warning to others.

"Don't drive through high water," said Bob.

If there is a bright side to this story, it's the fact that David's beloved dog, Tia, escaped from that sinking truck and survived.

This dog is not a dog. This was his daughter. He thought of her as his daughter and he treated her like that so he was very passionate for her," said Paul Baker, David's brother.

And just like a parent sacrifices for a child David's brother, Paul, believes he gave his life for hers!

"He went into the water and got the dog out and tried to make sure she made it to shore and he didn't," said Paul.

"He was a good kid. He'd do anything for anybody," said Bob.

And now this family will do for him caring for his best friend as she, their last connection to David cares for them, "That shows you just how much loyalty this dog has," said Paul.

Hamilton County emergency crews pulled more than five people out of Cicero Creek in that same area over the weekend including Robert Morgan, who was 64. He also died.