Bobby Knight in Indianapolis to promote new book

Bobby Knight
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Former Indiana University men's basketball coach Bobby Knight signed autographs at the NCAA Hall of Champions Wednesday. It's part of a promotional tour for his new book, which was released yesterday.

Knight is promoting his book, "The Power of Negative Thinking."

The coach wasn't talking to the media, but he was talking to fans who were standing in line waiting to meet him.

The focus of the book is on realism, which Knight says he used in his basketball and business career. His thesis is that negative thinking can actually get results - and that sometimes positive thinking provides too much false hope.

"He was hilarious. He was just saying that had he ever had a daughter, he would have put the guy through a lot of tasks in order to try to date his daughter. I think he even said it would have been hell trying to date a daughter of his," said Abbie Renaker, Indianapolis.

In a New York Times interview, Knight called "hope" the "worst word in the English language." Instead of just hoping and praying for something good to happen, Knight argues it's better to have a plan and work towards your goals.