Bob Kravitz reflects on move to WTHR

Bob Kravitz
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Award-winning sports columnist Bob Kravitz will be joining WTHR's sports team, and on Thursday, he spoke to JMV on 1070 The Fan about his move from the Indy Star.

JMV joked that Kravitz is the new host of The Brain Game, but in fact, he'll be writing columns for and appearing on the air alongside Sports Director Dave Calabro, Rich Nye and Jason Spells.

Listen to the interview here.

Kravitz says it wasn't an easy decision.

"I agonized over this for a long time, but I'm really excited about this opportunity," he said.

"I've been thinking and thinking and thinking. You gotta understand I grew up in newspapers. I worked in newspapers at the IDS, at Indiana University, I interned in newspapers. My entire career except for two years at Sports Illustrated has been in newspapers. It was really agonizing. It was really tough," he said.

Although Kravitz says telling the Star about his decision was one of the hardest things he's had to do, he said, "I am so looking forward to basically doing the same things I've been doing the last 14 years and that's write a column four or five times a week, but it'll be for instead of the Indianapolis Star, and also be doing a little bit of TV."

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