Board rules against suspending Bloomington doctor's license

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Kevin Rader/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The Indiana attorney general says a Bloomington doctor is a danger to the public, so it requested an emergency suspension of his license. The state's medical license board conducted a lengthy hearing on the case Thursday and disagreed, ruling 4-1 against the suspension.

The Medical License Board spent the day trying to decide if it should suspend Dr. Kamal Tiwari's license to practice medicine. The Drug Enforcement Agency testified it began looking into Dr. Tiwari's pain clinics back in 2009 because it says he "contributed to overdose deaths of multiple patients," according to Madelyn Kuzma, DEA.

"His efforts to circumvent the suspension of his controlled substance privileged make him a clear and immediate danger to the public's health and welfare. We would ask that you suspend his license," said Elizabeth Crawford, deputy attorney general.

Dr. Tiwari, who did not attend the Thursday hearing, is accused of asking another physician on his staff to write prescriptions for him after his authorization to do so had already been suspended.

"The system failed to the point where the nurses would usually bring patients charts in and indicate to me what controlled substance Dr. Tiwari felt the patient should be continued on," said Dr. Glen Ballengee.

The board already suspended Dr. Ballengee's license to practice earlier in the day. Dr. Brad Strausberg said he declined to submit to Tiwari's wishes.

"I thought it was illegal," said Strausberg.

The State attorney general's office says it is disappointed by the ruling.