Board of Public Works approves free recycling plan

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The Indianapolis Board of Public Works has approved the new plan to bring free recycling to every home in Indianapolis.

Under the plan, people would be able to throw their trash and recyclables into one bin. On trash day, it would all go to the Covanta site on the city's far south side. The company has an incinerator there now that burns the garbage and sells the energy produced to Citizens.

The plan would be to build a $45 million recovery facility where most of the recyclables would be separated on site and reused. This is where recycling advocates part ways.

"When you mix trash with recyclables, the recyclables are so highly contaminated with that waste, that you can't get very much good quality material out," said Carrie Hamilton, Indiana Recycling Coalition.

The city says the operation won't cost the city any money and will create 60 jobs.