"Blue III" makes his debut at Hinkle Fieldhouse

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The future mascot of the Butler Bulldogs made his debut Saturday at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Butler Blue III, an eight-week old bulldog puppy, was introduced to the crowd at Butler's game against Indiana State. The puppy, whose real name is "Trip," will take over when Butler Blue II retires as mascot next year.

"So we needed to start somebody in training and it takes about a year to get these guys ready to go out in front of that gym and do much with it, because that's quite a chore to be out in front of that big crowd and it's a very impressive thing for a young pup to do," said Trip's breeder, Frank King.

"I'm really impressed by him. The other thing is his disposition, he just hasn't seemed phased by any of this and is really taking it in stride, so that's good for me," said Blue's handler, Michael Kaltenmark. "I feel like we've got a keeper and he'll be just fine."

Trip will start out at Butler baseball and soccer games, where the crowds aren't as big, while Butler Blue II shows him the ropes.

Both dogs will live with Kaltenmark and travel to campus together everyday. It will be a pampered life, with a reserved parking spot, a lot of attention and free veterinary care.

Butler Blue III will be on Eyewitness News Weekend Sunrise Sunday morning.