Bloomington police urge safety on city's B-Line Trail

Bloomington's B-Line Trail is set for a surge in A-seeking students as IU students and staff make a beeline to campus next week.

But as they take the trail from downtown to the south side of town, police have a warning about staying safe.

"You want it to be as safe as possible, so it is a little scary," said student Greg Shirbroun.

He hadn't heard about recent attacks on the B-Line and the connecting trail to the south. In one incident, right by city offices, a suspected gunman stole a man's wallet, phone and bike. Downtown, gunmen robbed a woman.

On the south part of the trail, a road rage incident led to an assault and another assault on the more rural rail trail.

"I've actually come across some trouble on the trail myself a few times," said John Blecha.

Like bike theft, he said, and suspicious people. Still, he feels safe.

"I just don't like my wife coming through here by herself at night," he said.

Some of the attacks happened after 10:30 p.m.

"I feel Bloomington is overall a pretty safe town. You just need to be situationally aware. Don't put yourself in a position of vulnerability," said Patricia Cummings, a regular on the trail.

Police say go with a buddy, have a cell phone and watch numbers on light poles so you can tell police where you are.

More police are watching. There are officers on the trail riding bicycles and even ATVs.

"Actually, I'm a big believer in the relative safety of the trail," said Matthew Press.

Press is a developer who builds trail-side housing. He says the trail "is becoming more active and with that comes interaction between people - good, bad and indifferent."

"Typical watchful eye," said Michelle Fritch.

That is how her family views safety when it hits the trail.